Stéphane Vedeau

La Ferme du Mont

Stéphane started his professional life as a soccer player at the age of 19 while studying economics at the University of Paris.

In 1987, he got his first job in the wine world, in sales, but very quickly, he became interested in the technical part and in the vinification. He participated in his first grape harvest and vinification in 1989.

In 1992, he bought his first vineyard in the Languedoc, in the Montpeyroux appellation.

The same year, joining forces with Philippe Maurel he established Maison Maurel Vedeau. He vinified in all the regions of Languedoc Roussillon and produced top quality Languedoc-Roussillon wines for more than 15 years in that region. His wines have twice won the title of Wine of the Year at the International Wine Challenge.

 The beginning of the year 2000 marked the arrival of Stéphane Vedeau in the Rhone Valley. He created La Ferme du Mont (South Rhone) and J Boutin (North Rhone).

Initially, when Stéphane arrived in the Rhone Valley, he had one part of the vineyard in property and the other in "fermage" (lease). He was then able to buy these vineyards to expand his estate. The word "mont" (mountain) refers to the altitude. Stephane, always in search of freshness and balance, prefers to acquire vines at altitude. This is why the wines are called "La Ferme du Mont".  In 2010, Stéphane bought the Clos Bellane in Valréas and in 2020, the Val des Rois, located next to the Clos.In 2022, new vineyards in Rasteau were added to expand La Ferme du Mont.

From the very first vintages, Robert Parker described him as follows: “ Stephane Vedeau, one of the young, energetic Turks of Chateauneuf du Pape, has emerged from the woodwork to produce stunning wines…... Something about him reminds me of the obsessive-compulsive St.-Emilion proprietor, Francois Mitjaville. This is a seriously talented winemaker who is quickly emerging as a star of the southern Rhone.”